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Enterprise DevOps and Agile Transformation Coach
Thought leader with years of agile leadership experience. With affluence of certifications, experience, educational background and exceptional experience in Coaching, Mentoring, Training and working alongside the team, Coaching leaders to create high-performance organizations.
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Meghan Callahan

I've been all over the IT industry (dev to support), but found myself back in QA after an 8-year absence.

KimBley Griffin

I am a QA professional with release manager experience who is actively honing her test automations skills. I am looking to connect with local members of this testing community.

Marcia Buzzella

I have collaborated with individuals and teams to identify shared objectives, talent development opportunities, best practices and standards, business process improvements, and innovative tactics to encourage adoption of new concepts, tools, and methods of interaction.

Dawn Jardine

I am a Quality Assurance professional with over 18 years experience in QA, including 10 years leading Agile QA teams. I’m passionate about quality process, women in technology and am actively involved in QA meetups and conferences.

Talia Nassi

I am a quality-driven Test Engineer at WeWork with experience testing everything from payment processing to media to real estate. I am passionate about breaking and rebuilding software to be the highest possible quality.

Stephanie Benedetti

I started my company's first-ever Quality Control team in 2008.

Lois Keating

Quality Enthusiast. Passionate about quality, testing and software.
Area of expertise includes HR, Benefits and Pension Systems.

Rachel McRoberts

Rachel McRoberts is an Excellence Wrangler at Automattic. She promotes excellence throughout the product cycle with customer-focused planning, meticulous testing and troubleshooting, and constant feedback.

Amanda Carter

My background is in Information Science and Records Management/Documentation. Currently, I manually test software and write the test case scripts while also creating training materials for that software. My passion is writing so in my "spare" time, I write a nature blog.

Katrina Brown

13 years experience in QA. I'm passionate about Quality and I believe that my quality assurance and business analysis skills can improve any software development life cycle. I excel at developing solid requirements that meet client's wants and needs but are also understandable to programmers.

Robyn Anderson

I've held all sort of positions in tech, but testing is my favorite.

Elena Hristovska

I'm a Software Tester with more then 10 years of experience and I'm always interested in learning new technologies/tools in the field of software development and testing.

Pooja Chhabra

Passionate for Testing. Learning new Methodologies in Testing and certified ISTQB and Agile tester. I'm always looking to learn new things!

Michele Grimm

I have been testing software at Vermont Energy Investment Corporation since 2011. I am experienced with traditional and Agile software development environments. ISTQB Software Tester Certification: Foundation Level.

Dorothy Graham

I have been in testing and test automation for over 40 years. I am co-author of five books, 3 on test automation. I have spoken at WWT events at Star conferences.

Heather Guillette

After many years in software development and IT management, I am thrilled to begin my career in the exciting world of test engineering. I'm always looking to learn new things!

Jane Fraser

Test Engineer with 20+ years spanning games, robotics, web/e-commerce, telecommunications, desktop software, and cloud computing. Currently testing at Anki, which is harnessing robotics and AI to bring to life consumer products with an unprecedented level of intellect and interactive capabilities.

Sue Bender

I have been involved in software development for almost 30 years filling several different roles. For the past 15 I have focused on test including automation.

Deb Rossing

BS (1983) in Business Admin/Information Systems, minor in CS. Worked in the UNIX industry for 2 years. Working in CAD and CAD/CAM testing for close to 3 decades now.

Shanda Griffin

25+ years as an IT professional, largely focused on test management duties. Committed to promoting the value of software testing while continuously drawing on the best available industry practices.

Melanie Berninger

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Jazmin Gonzalez

Finding the best of the products, and the worst....

Roxi Nicolussi

Hi, I’m Roxi. I am an experienced design strategist and researcher with some pretty cool tools in my pocket. I take a human-centred, big-picture approach to solve complex problems. I am currently conducting user experience research for RBC Digital.

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Calgary Canada
  • Private Group
  • Women Who Test Calgary is led by Suchitra Jain. This new group is growing fast and will be a force to be reckoned with in the Calgary area. Join the Calgary, Alberta chapter to break down barriers for women in the software industry.
Edmonton Canada skyline
  • Public Group
  • Women Who Test Edmonton is led by Katrina Brown. This group will be a force to be reckoned with in the Edmonton area. Join the Edmonton, Alberta chapter to break down barriers for women in the software industry.

"Inspiring. I was moved to action! Amazing women and role models."

Dawn Jardine, Senior Quality Assurance Analyst, Razorfish

“Is there any rating above a 10? [ Tania Katan was] the most amazing speaker I’ve ever heard. I can’t wait for her book. So funny, so smart, so profound. 10 million % is my grade."

Katelyn Kappas, QA Engineer, Insight Catastrophe Group

“I loved my day today. Should I return again, I will evangelize this day to all the other women. The safe space was really great confirmation that I am as valuable as ever. Thanks ladies!”

Beth Jackson, QA Lead, DuPont Pioneer

“This is a wonderful event! More please! My entire team are women and I look forward to bringing my team next year!”

Angela Rapone, QA Manager, Florida Hospital

“So glad I came. Not only for our careers but for our lives.”

Heather Doll, Lead QA Engineer, Virtual Radiologic

"Thank you! We all need more of these kinds of events!!! Why not expand it to all women in IT! Can you bring this to Europe?"

Jasna Skrbec, PM, NIL

“On a scale of 1-10, Angie Jones is an 11. I wish my 14-year old daughter who also has “big + bold” hair could meet her!”

Alison Lakey, Embedded Tester, Practice Velocity

"So much to take back. I loved it! Especially the reminder to follow my heart."

Ratika Garg, Test Lead, Taco Bell

"I love love love this! I related in work and personal life and will start making #noexcuses as part of my philosophy"

STARWEST 2016 Attendee

"This has been amazing, and [I] would not have felt complete without this session. I definitely have a lot of content to take back. Thank you for this, I feel empowered. I feel the men need this just as much!"

Darlene Soukhaphonh, Quality Services, Root Cause Analyst, TMNA Services

"What a wonderful way to end the conference. I hope to come back and hear more."

JoAnn Foss, Associate Test Analyst, Digi-Key Electronics

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